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Development of the MAC cosmetics company

Posted November 2 2012 by mac make up collection

Weaknesses in the competitors could be summed up similar to this: First their prices are much higher. While they spend heavily on ads they have expense, too. It is important is that cosmetics isn't the only business they may be in. They're involved even just in fashion which shadows that they are linked to cosmetics at first.
Overall dish
Corporation:M.A.C Cosmetics Business Division Unit: Makeup products
M.A.C (Makeup Art Cosmetics) was founded by two men in 1984 using the purpose of meeting specific makeup needs under studio lights. Later these were open to public and became known as the luxury cosmetic line which offers quality makeup products such as products for hair and skin care, bath and body goods, and cosmetics, created for everyone at reasonable prices so as to let everyone afford the example of wearing professional makeup products.
Core Competence: They provide the supreme professional makeup experience at cost-effective price points through an opportunity of high a number of color options.
Goal: Their current primary goal in Turkey is usually to increase business in professional makeup sector by attracting stylists and artists and offer superior quality cosmetic makeup products towards rag trade in Turkey. They are also seeking to acquire non-professional customers but this can be their secondary goal.
Marketing Objective:
Our marketing objective is to acquire clients as well as the former customers. As in connection with our marketing objective, we seek to educate the target market in terms of the specifications of the M.A.C make-up products and cause them to try the products. We have a prejudice concerning the price of the M.A.C products. Most of the women feel that it truly is one of the most expensive cosmetics brand.
If we become successful about producing them try the products, they're going to actually see that price is lower than the competitors. Also, there are several customers that have tried one of several products of M.A.C but haven???t made repeat buying. Fortunately they are our target to the marketing objective. We are going to seek to remind the brand to them making them buy other products from the M.A.C brand.
Method to obtain volume: Within acquisition strategy make an effort to steal share from our competitors. We are not gonna stimulate demand for which is not right for make-up industry and M.A.C???s share of the market.

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