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How to make natural makeup by MAC cosmetics

Posted November 2 2012 by mac make up collection

Now using what's left in your fingers, affect your nose next. We don't want the nose to obtain a lot of foundation onto it, much more is a place that is really obvious to determine when it has been overly made-up.

Then take some more foundation and move to your chin and jaw, and cover any aspects of discolouration or redness. Ensure that you blend over the jawline and just slightly down your neck in order that you do not have a clear distinct colour the location where the foundation stops.

Next may be the forehead, so apply some foundation relating to the brows and blend up towards hairline, using the same patting and pressing motion.

Finally, we have to set your foundation for long-lasting flawlessness! We make this happen simply by using a powder which assists to create the liquid foundation you've got just applied. Opt for small brush and a good translucent or invisible powder. Using our same motion. Pat this powder onto your T-zone (around and down the nose, chin and forehead). I would recommend a MAC Secret Finish powder.

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