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Professional MAC make-up products

Posted November 2 2012 by mac make up collection

M.A.C is the only professional make-up brand you think of on the customer. It can be related to glamour. It's possible to contemplate it as being a charity company simply because don???t test on animals, and donate the revenue from Viva Glam products to help people with HIV. The corporation can also be popular with its environmental efforts. Customer returns lipstick packages to get recycled; reciprocally she gets free products, too. M.A.C isn't going to spend money on mass advertising and referral marketing endorsement helps to make the company more reliable. The manufacturer is straight forward and clear: M.A.C =Make-up Artists Cosmetics. The purchaser does not get confused with pompous names.
Experience: Founders were make-up professionals.
Culture: Salespeople don???t push these products to customer, they approach like friends, train the buyer on make-up. M.A.C is generous, too. Customers get gifts close to purchases as well to charity.
Needs: Customer wants better look that lasts long. She wants to hide undesired zones and appearance such as the beautiful, popular, attractive stars. She needs the assurance of the glamour maintain make-up.
Market size/growth: The company addresses ???every age, all races, all sexes, all M.A.C??? since it's motto suggests. But mainly fashionable women with middle/upper middle income from worldwide are targeted. Apart from everyday customer you will find there's products for makeup professionals (makeup artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, models, photographers, e.g.) as well as students in this field. The prospective market is thus great in volume and expanding as beauty is gains higher importance in people???s lives.
Benefits sought: Apart from the improved appearance the buyer gains self esteem with M.A.C cosmetics in her way of life. Intangible assets outweigh greatly tangible assets of M.A.C products.

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